From Our farms to your table

Guatemala has become the main supplier of green vegetables for the European market and is currently one of the largest exporters of Chinese peas in the world, this positioning has been thanks to our country maintains a constant participation in commercial promotion events such as Fruit Logistica, one of the most important events worldwide for the horticultural sector held in Germany.

This encourages us in San Juan Agro Export every day as it demonstrates the confidence, quality and good prestige that we maintain globally and the commitment we have as a company to maintain a freshness guaranteed through our supply chain to take fresh products from our farms to your table.

From the seed

All our crops are meticulously cared for from seeds and agricultural work such as soil preparation, planting, pruning and fertilization among others, which are done with great care and dedication to ensure products of the highest quality and freshness.

All our conventional and organic products are of quality because we handle a strict agricultural regime in the production cycle, thus guaranteeing food safety with the highest standards of safety that characterize us.

Harvested with a family bond

In San Juan Agro Export we are a great family. As a family company we are confident that the food of future generations is important for a better world, because it guarantees better health.

Our collaborators are from nearby towns so they can enjoy being with their families, which promotes family economic development, thanks to the generation of local jobs.

Strengthening the economy

Thanks to the work we do, adding value to the products we produce and market, Guatemala stands out in the scenario of exports of fresh vegetables worldwide with our flagship products such as organic and conventional french beans, peas, sweet pea, mini carrots, broccolini, mini zucchini, mayan squash, all characterized by its excellent flavor and variety of nutrients.

A generation of quality

More than 30 years of experience in the market allow us to say that every time one of our fresh vegetables arrives at the consumers table, they acquire the most valuable of our roots because they not only consume an agricultural product, consume a bit of Guatemala, full of effort, family values, economic development and the quality that characterizes us, for that and much more we are San Juan Agroexport.


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From the seed
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