From the seed

All our years of experience have taught us how important it is to have exhaustive care in all our plantations. Each one of them carries special processes and only the correct follow-up of these processes assures us that each of the vegetables that we serve daily at your table have the freshness without equal that in San Juan Agroexport we provide. Join us to know the care we take to some of our vegetables from the seed.


Carrots are vegetables that grow in mild and cold weather always with proper exposure to sunlight for proper growth; the plantations of carrots need several seeds in each furrow where they are planted. The preparation of the land usually consists of a deep work (moldboard), followed by a more superficial work. The sowing bed is prepared with a labor of broken cultivator and a shaper adapted depending on whether the crop is made in plain, furrows or plateau. Usually plateaus are used.

Carrots require extreme care in the summer season as they require constant irrigation supply, especially if the land where you have chosen is a dry land.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are perfectly adapted to other soils if they contain very rich substrates, Brussels sprouts are reproduced by seeds, from March to June always in a nursery and usually unprotected, unless the weather does not allow it. The soil where the final plantation is made must be neutral, so it is corrected with lime if it is acidic; It suits you those rather hard and caked floors. The transplant is done when the plants reach between 10 and 13 cm., In eras and leaving between the plants a distance of about 80 cm., Because they show a great lateral development. Throughout the growth it is essential to erect the stem (cover it a little with earth).


Although it can be done at any time of the year, it is convenient to do it in the autumn months (April-June) in temperate and cold temperate zones (July-August).

Smooth seed varieties are more resistant to cold than those with rough seeds and dark green varieties more resistant than light green varieties. Under optimal conditions of temperature and humidity the seed germinates in 1 week.

The crop is carried out in a sitting position, depositing the seed in rows, every 30 cm and at a depth of no more than 5 cm. In the dwarf varieties the rows are 30-40 cm apart. In the varieties have a distance to 60 cm.

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