Healthy eating at New Year Eve parties

Food is the basis of a healthy life, this process consists of transferring the necessary nutrients to our body, however, at the end of the year, many times we lose the standard of it by exceeding in some foods that do not contribute to our correct metabolism; this time we will see some suggestions to have a healthy diet in these end of the year parties.

Consider the types of meat to consume: Preferably choose lean meats, white meat and fish; These types of meats are low in fat and will contribute to our diet.

Eat your food slowly: If you eat slowly, you will feel more full, in addition to enjoying more time at the table with your friends and loved ones.

Avoid fat at all costs: High-fat foods, cakes, candies, sugary drinks, avoid excess simple carbohydrates, such as bread, and sugars, in desserts.

Respect your meal schedules: Do not alter your meal schedules, if you attend Christmas dinners, eat a healthy snack before arriving so you do not eat abundantly.

Choose healthy side dishes: Prefer side salads in your festive meal times, if they will eat desserts, choose those that are fruit-based.

Do moderate physical activity: In this case, it is not necessary to do physical work that demands extreme strength. Activities like going for a walk and riding a bike are enough.

New Year's resolution: exercise: Make it a priority to lose weight through exercise, with this you can reduce the impact of some effects of the end of the year diet.

Always remember to include in your daily diet at least 5 fruits or vegetables, with this you will contribute to your health in a remarkable way, our green vegetables harvested with the highest quality provide the vitamins and nutrients you need in your day to day, remember that for that and more #WeAreSanJuan.

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