High Quality Standards

In San Juan Agroexport our main priority is always to provide products with high quality standards, for this we use numerous processes that allow us to deliver the best green vegetables of the entire region.

Our products consist of 7 international certifications that demonstrate the delivery and quality of our products; we'll tell you what each one of them is about:

BRC Certification Body: The BRC Seventh edition of British origin bases the evaluation and certification of our processes based on: Management commitments, manufacturing processes, transparency and traceability of the chain and development of systems to reduce food fraud.

Nurture and Global G.A.P.: The Nurture module of the Global G.A.P with a presence in the United States and Germany is in charge of the standardization of certification systems and standards throughout the world to facilitate the standards of Good Agricultural Practices; San Juan Agroexport holds the "Gold" degree certificate in Chinese pea and Creole pea in grain according to the version 11.0 of the module.

Kosher Certification: This is a certificate issued by the certifying agencies and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, in which a Rabbi certifies that the products meet the biblical precepts of the Jewish religion.

The Hebrew word kosher (Kosher) means apt or appropriate, meaning that the products to which it refers are considered pure because they fulfill all the precepts of the Torah, specifically the Old Testament Leviticus.

This document is not only requested for Israel, but also for other countries where there is an important Jewish community that demands "kosher" products, as is the case of the United States, especially on the East Coast, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Argentina or Mexico.

USDA Organic / Maya Cert: Its operators are located in the southern region of Mexico, Central America and Colombia. MAYACERT, promotes for 20 years, the services of voluntary certification for small, medium and large agricultural producers, food processors and exporters.

Primus Lab: PrimusLabs is a global leader in food safety and has been serving the fresh produce industry for more than 2 decades. San Juan Agroexport has the BPM Packing audit with HACCP v14.09 that ensures the correct operation of manufacturing practices in vegetable packaging.

Sedex: The database provider Ethical Data Exchange is a global platform for the exchange of information on ethically sustainable production in the supply chain.

San Juan Agroexport has the SMETA certification that contains 4 important pillars: Health and safety, work standards, environment and business ethics.

 Your safety is the most important:

 Being able to ensure high quality and safe organic food is our commitment, so we will continue working with the highest certifications and standards at all times. For that reason and much more we are Guatemala, we are San Juan Agroexport.


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