More united than ever

More united than ever

Certainly we are going through an unprecedented situation, the health crisis of COVID 19 in social matters has unexpectedly impacted sectors of the population due to confinement, these measures are of great importance since through this plan of social distancing for certain hours They allow the outbreaks of contagion to be less, this in turn causes the hosts for the virus to be decreased, however this in turn in economic terms impacts the inhabitants of our nation who depend on a production or work system that involves using from 10 to 12 hours a day.

At San Juan Agroexport we believe that the development of a nation depends entirely on its people, those people who allow growth through their valuable contributions, that is why we affirm our trustworthy commitment to society by promoting corporate social responsibility programs in the midst of the COVID crisis 19.

One of the main problems presented in the midst of the economic health crisis has been the lack of food both at the supply level due to the rumors instilled in the population and also the fact that the economic generation has decreased due to reduced hours of activity. labor, that is why we have contributed with the following actions:

  • As part of supporting the community of San Juan Sacatepéquez we have donated vegetables to nearby communities affected by COVID 19, through the municipal mayor's office, to date we have made a donation of approximately 20,000 pounds of vegetables.
  • Through the Juan Francisco García Comparini Foundation, we have donated more than 1,000 bags of groceries to parishes, farms, municipalities and COCODES from different villages and municipalities nationwide.

In addition to these actions, we continue with our programs within our business circle, benefiting our collaborators day by day in:

  • Our Mi Despensa program provides our collaborators with basic necessities supplies at lower prices than the conventional market, with credit options.
  • Every day we benefit around 1,000 employees with a glass of atol to contribute to their integral diet.
  • Delivery of protective equipment to all company collaborators, as well as a cleaning kit during the health contingency to ensure their physical integrity and in compliance with the San Juan Agroexport quality BPM's.

We also continue to drive support steadily through:

• Monthly we support asylums in the most vulnerable areas of different municipalities of Guatemala through vegetable donations to contribute to their healthy eating.

We are in an atypical time that has brought us situations that we did not expect, but in the midst of them our commitment to the community, to our collaborators and to our nation is firm, in the midst of this situation our best allies have been faith and hope that together we will evolve and move forward, today we are more united than ever, that's why today and always we are San Juan.

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