Nutritional Quality

We are currently in a hurried life system that sometimes deprives us of eating foods that provide a high nutritional content to our daily diets, however, we should not overlook the consumption of green vegetables in them since the high content of Vitamins and proteins that this brings to our body is of the utmost importance.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are characterized by the presence of a natural pigment called Chlorophyll, depending on the incidence of PH of the substances of this plant this can go a darker shade as in green beans and peas, or lighter as in celery or lettuce.

This type of green vegetables will give us the following properties:

• Minerals such as iron, folic acid, magnesium or potassium.

• Vitamins A, C, E, B and K.

• Antioxidants

• Essential oils

• Fiber

These components are key in the prevention of certain diseases and health problems such as gastritis or heartburn.

What properties do vegetables give us?

They are light foods

Vegetables are known mainly for being light foods, thanks to their low calorie intake, this presents great benefits to people who want to lose weight and those who want to keep it.


One of the great benefits is that vegetables are composed of 90% water, this means that they not only provide vitamins and proteins, they also provide hydration to the body in support of our daily water intake in the suggested amounts (of a liter and half to two daily).


Its detoxifying properties is another of its characteristics to highlight, the potassium content of vegetables promotes in the body the decrease in fluid retention since it acts as a diuretic; In addition, it directly benefits the nervous system by building and strengthening the nervous, muscular system and the prevention of heart disease.

As we can see the nutrients and benefits that vegetables provide by consuming them on a regular basis they build a strong, healthy and protected organism. The vegetables of San Juan Agroexport are produced with processes of safety, food safety and dedication that ensure the nutritional benefits of the products, but above all the confidence and quality that characterizes us, we invite you to taste our wide variety so that you can know the best from Guatemala to the world, that's why #SomosSanJuan

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