PMA Fresh Summit

International Prestige (PMA #FreshSummit)

For more than 20 years San Juan Agroexport has participated in international events that have given prestige thanks to its fresh products and high quality green vegetables and have opened opportunities and global connections that allow us to continue making the best of Guatemala known; this time we will tell you a bit about an activity in which we will participate very soon.

PMA Fresh Summit

PMA #FreshSummit is the largest event held in the world made especially for the producers of fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers of the world, gathers approximately a little more than 17,000 participants, all in order to live together and promote collective learning through shared experiences and new business opportunities.

In #FreshSummit all sectors of the industry are represented. This annual event has the participation of retailers, importers, exporters, growers, packers, shippers, agents, transporters, wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, food service operators, food security and organic food producers.

Who will attend?

The profile of the visitors, mostly North American population that will decide next suppliers for the year 2019, taking into account: the quality of the products, the variety of organic vegetables, the different processes through which they pass in matters of safety, food safety and packaging.

Approximately 800 exhibitors come together to strengthen their ties and share new links for future transactions, references and techniques in the world of fruit and vegetable exports worldwide, these days lectures are given aimed at the best practices for the generation and maintenance of sustainable companies that look at social and corporate welfare.

PMA #FreshSummit will be held on October 18, 19 and 20 in Orlando Florida, three days full of new experiences and opportunities to share with many representatives at a global level the ideas and innovations that have characterized us all these years.

We are proud that San Juan Agroexport is a benchmark and a global representative of the quality we can provide, vegetables grown with an identity, with the effort and high standards that characterize us as Guatemalans, which characterize us as San Juan Agroexport.

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