The importance of food in times of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus in our times in a reality that we must somehow accept, this organism will look for as every living organism a receptor to stay, as well as all the existing diseases do, so we should not worry about living a hermetic life, but if we should consider managing a lifestyle that minimizes the impacts of this disease and avoid being white as much as possible so that it seeks us as a recipient.

We must understand that, as in all diseases, our body must be alert to biological threats; Our immune system naturally is in charge of creating antibodies that allow us to eliminate and neutralize any foreign organism that enters our body. However, it is also necessary for us to know that we can make this work more efficient and effective and make our immune system stronger. That is why we must be responsible in relation to the food we eat, since these can have a positive or negative impact on our body, today we will know more about it.

1. Hydration

One of the problems that Covid-19 patients present are hydration problems that arise from fevers that in most cases occur, that is why we drink the recommended dose of water per day (2 liters minimum ) so that our body has optimal hydration that allows it to function properly.

In addition to drinking water, it is important that we consume fruits and vegetables that have plenty of water, that will give added value to said consumption and will ensure mild symptoms in the event that we get to get sick.

2. Consumption of fruits and vegetables

Our suggested daily intake of fruits and vegetables (at least five servings a day) should be part of our diet. Fruits and vegetables provide large amounts of nutrients and vitamins to our body, strengthen our defenses and provide clean energy since they come from totally natural sources without additives that affect the digestion process.

3. Keep a reserve of healthy snacks

In this period of confinement, anxiety often grows in a certain way, this causes the need to eat or that we have more hunger spaces during the day, for this it is recommended that we have a reserve of natural foods such as nuts, cheese or yogurt ( low in sugars) to complement these spaces and that we do it in the healthiest way possible.

4. Greatly avoid processed foods

Another problem that is occurring in this confinement is the increase in the consumption of fast food due to the lack of accessibility of snacks in the afternoon and evening hours, for this it is necessary that we keep in our vegetable refrigerators to complement our diets, excessive consumption of processed foods can bring health problems to our body and in the same way cause weight gain due to the fats, additives and calories that they contain.

5. Integrate a family routine in food preparation

In order to generate unity in our homes and health benefits for our bodies, it includes all family members in creating nutritious menus in which everyone participates in their preparation. Being able to promote the investigation of new options and apply them will not only result in a positive lifestyle, but also a pleasant system of coexistence at home.

As a last point, we highlight the care we must have when we are preparing and consuming our food in this time of pandemic:

• Never forget to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before preparing any food and before consuming it.

• It is important to use separate boards to cut raw meat and fish.

• Cook foods to the recommended temperatures.

• Keep perishable foods chilled or frozen and constantly check expiration dates.

• Always use clean dishes and utensils.

Remember that it is in our hands to take care of our health through our diet and take the necessary measures that will help us avoid coming into contact with the discomfort caused by COVID 19, remember to consume green vegetables that will help your body, always with the highest quality that San Juan Agroexport offers you, always giving the best of Guatemala to the world, for that reason and much more, #SomosSanJuan.

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