Why are the best organic vegetables on genetically modified vegetables

Why are the best organic vegetables on genetically modified vegetables?

In the past few years has fueled a trend in agriculture: the marketing of the genetically modified plants.

Genetically modified organisms (known as GMOS) are those organisms in which its genetic material has undergone a transformation in a way alien to the natural methods of multiplication, or combination, therefore this process, which was subject to be called a Modification or genetic manipulation.

The purposes of these vegetables are aimed at economic benefits on the part of large producers of vegetables at the global level, as the modifications are directed to the resistance of the plants to the insecticide, leading to a decrease in percentages of losses and justifying as an increase of production in the plant and as well be able to meet the need of power on the planet, but what risks may cause this to our health?, below are some of the positions on this important issue.

1. Increase of toxins.

Vegetables naturally generate toxins that protect them from insects and disease, the fact that these are genetically modified can cause these levels of toxins at a time to be older and cause adverse effects on the health of consumers

2. Development of allergies

In the process of genetic engineering, plants may receive genes of plants, allergenic or other sources, this could produce new proteins from these species, the lack of knowledge of the effects that these can cause in the health and even the origins of the strands of DNA that are placed in the vegetables are the standards today do not have a strong regulation that determines the consequences in the short and long-term in new allergens.

3. Resistance to antibiotics

Most of the GMOS currently available on the market carry resistance genes to antibiotics used in the process of genetic manipulation. There is research that shows that DNA and proteins can resist the digestion process in the stomach of mammals, there are living with thousands of bacteria, which can pass easily into the bloodstream and therefore to the organs of the body.

4. Mutations in viruses and bacteria

One of the latent risks that have been discussed is the possible mutations that can occur in bacteria used in the re-engineering genetic plant, it is a reality that these bacterial genes will join other viruses, developing new diseases, resistance or pathogen highly infectious.

What are the benefits to have the consumption of organic products versus GMO products?

The organic vegetable products are clean and healthy, pesticide-free; these come from farming systems entirely based on sustainability.

The organic vegetables have an aromatic and intense taste are some of its features, the fact that there has not been chemicals in their production makes them more nutritious because the soil is prepared with fertilizers, all-natural and of high quality.

In San Juan Agroexport we grow organic runner beans produced with certified standards that guarantee an exceptional taste, a safe product that promotes a healthy life style and generated beneficial impacts on the health of consumers.

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